SD-WAN: the application that saved the Cloud

If your company doesn't currently employ a sofware defined wide area network (aka, SD-WAN), we need to talk. SD-WAN is the "shock absorber" that allows you to deploy fast, CHEAP, broadband in ALL of your locations, and still get the robust, reliable, enterprise-level quality needed to run latency and packet-loss sensitive applications such as voice and video.  In the past, you'd have to purchase an expensive, slow, MPLS circuit to handle such traffic - but now, with SD-WAN, you can run that traffic over broadband without any worries, AND get the benefits of having a ton of bandwidth to run all of your data-heavy applications such as video and web conferencing.

Give us a call today and we can create a plan for your company to replace outdated, slow, and expensive WAN infrastructure with gig-speed fiber and/or coax circuits and SD-WAN, all for LESS than you're paying now!

Watch how SD-WAN "cleans" up best-effort broadband!
SD-WAN Network

Advantages of SD-WAN

  • Replace high cost MPLS/private bandwidth with low cost, higher-speed, internet connections.
  • Respond in real time to network performance and route around issues.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain.
  • MPLS-like performance of real-time and important applications (QOS).
  • Application level analytics.
  • Turns a best-effort WAN link into an enterprise class voice link through error-correction coding and packet-retransmitting
  • Learn more about how SD-WAN works

SD-WAN: The Key Ingredient of Cloud Virtualization

Save Time and Money
With greater carrier choice and uniform hardware, SD-WAN evens out the cost differences between locations.

Advanced Network Management
A SD-WAN’s single console and uniform software deployment makes it possible to monitor network and application performance at any point in the network.

Location Agility
Enable multiple links, devices and services to coexist and interoperate. With the use of software to make the network function, it becomes easier and faster to turn on new endpoints or change locations.

One Network from Multiple Carriers
With SD-WAN there may be multiple network carriers used across multiple locations. Allowing network changes to be made much easier.

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