About Infinite Communications

Infinite Communications was founded by industry pioneer, Mike Hansen, to focus on helping companies around the world turn their digital infrastructure into a competitive weapon. Today's customer is evolving, wanting to communicate with companies in new and changing ways. From text, instant messaging, web messaging, and social media, the successful companies of the future need technology that enables and improves customer interactions.

With our team of seasoned industry network, communication, and security experts, we have a proven track record of helping our customers 1) develop a comprehensive strategy to win more customers with improved technology, 2) create a detailed infrastructure plan to properly execute the strategy, and 3) product sourcing to ensure our client gets the best product at the best price. Our three-pronged approached has allowed us to achieve unmatched success as a company, and for our customers to use technology-assisted customer experience to gain market share and grow.

If your company has on-premise hardware, whether it be a communications server, email server, web server, we're here to help develop a plan to get you into the cloud in a thoughtful, measured, and responsible way. The real magic of getting into the cloud is the ability to "talk" to other clouds, to pull data from multiple locations and deliver it to your customer service front line. Data-assisted customer service is the key to the future, and we're here to be your guide on this journey.

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